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Something About Us

Addfor works on Artificial Intelligence solutions since 2008, pursuing a unique mission: provide the best existing technologies to its customers.

Customers & Partners

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Our Work Process


Our projects are splitted in steps to verify the intermediate results at any time, from initial Proof-Of-Concept to Production


Technical Assessment

We always start from a technical analysis to check what is applicable and which could be the predicted results.


Proof Of Concept

Made on the customer’s specific request to proof the feasibility of the solution and to set the right expectation.



We are focused on mathematically hard problems: usually our solutions represent a significant step forward if compared with the traditional approaches.


Release to Production

Going in production we help our customers to choose the right hardware and the right environment with scalability in mind.

Our Vision

Industry 4.0 icon

The Next Industrial Revolution

The Industrial Revolution was when humans overcame the limitations of our muscle power. We’re now in the early stages of doing the same thing to our mental capacity. Cognitive Computing is based on particular algorithms that are not hard-defined. Algorithms that can adapt themselves on the data they receive, that can learn from data, find patterns and discover information.

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Vertical Applications

Companies have data but do not have skills and people to derive Valuable Information from it. Nevertheless this is an unique opportunity. We create Vertical Products tailored on our customer’s needs.

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Combinatorial Innovation

The Big Players like Google, Facebook, Amazon, Baidu are leading the development of the most advanced Machine Learning algorithms. We continuously adapt the latest discoveries to be applied in Industrial Applications. The time to invent from scratch is gone. We call this approach “Combinatorial Innovation”.

It’s Now

It’s been said that the greatest failing of the human mind is the inability to understand the exponential function. That’s the way it works with exponential trends: they’re slower than we expect, then they catch us off guard and soar ahead. It’s happening now and it’s much faster that what everyone expected!


Our Training 


Learn the latest techniques on how to design, train, and deploy Artificial Intelligence applications based on Machine Learning and Deep Learning.

As Certified NVIDIA DLI Instructors we provide specific training on NVIDIA systems and frameworks: DGX-1, Digits, Drive PX2, DriveWorks.

We develop custom trainings based on the main Deep Learning Frameworks: TensorFlow, Torch7, Caffe, Neon.
Data Analysis trainings: Python, Numpy, Pandas

Deep Learning Hardware Guide

Artificial Intelligence and Deep Learning require specific system performance to be put effectively in production. We test and benchmark our algorithms and provide a detailed advice to our customer on the possible choices that can be made: Software As A Service (SAAS) or On-Premises

Addfor Benchmark of GTX1080 and TitanX GIF

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