The High Precision Speed Estimator is an algorithm developed by Addfor to estimate with high precision the speed of a racing car.

Despite the vehicle speed is a commonly available signal provided by every vehicle ECU, in racing application a much higher precision is required particularly to feed the high performance backing algorithms.

Currently most teams calculate the vehicle speed with an heuristic based on the vehicle accelerations to take in account the wheels slips. Unfortunately this approach is sub-optimal in particular in heavy breaking and traction conditions where a precise estimation of the vehicle’s speed is most required.

Moreover, on vehicles that use commercial electronics derived by production ECUs, the wheel speed is affected by the correction factors applied by the electronics providers. Those correction factors are adapted for a normal use of the vehicle and usually are not documented by the ECU’s manufacturer.

When the vehicle uses a racing ECU that provided directly the wheels angular speed our system has implemented a calibration routine that finds the correct nonlinear function to transform the angular speed in longitudinal speed by tacking in consideration the correct rolling radius, the wheel slips and the centrifugal deformations of the tire.

Addfor developed a high precision algorithm to estimate the vehicle speed with a maximum RMSE of 1% from 10 to 40km/h and with an RMSE below 0.5% from 40 to 310km/h

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Technical Details

  • Speed Estimator - Racing Do Not Require Additional Sensors
  • Speed Error below 1.0% from 10 to 40 km/h (*)
  • Speed Error below 0.5% from 40 to 310 km/h (*)
  • 10[ms] Lag Guarantee with proper Data Feed (*)
  • Requires Either Tire Characterization OR GPS signal when available

(*) Tire Characterization Requires Typically One Day per Tire Set