Our Solutions


We developed a novel approach by adapting the state of the art Artificial Intelligence algorithms to the classical Engineering applications like signal filtering, sensor fusion and control systems. This give us a competitive advantage over the existing solutions.


Addfor offers its customers a rapid response to their requests which then, as a consequence, permits a fast planning process. Our lean software development allows us to provide tailored solutions for each individual customer, their requirements and specifications.


Our development cycle is a continuous experimentation of new solutions (tools and algorithms) that are validated and compared with existing solutions in order to maintain a high degree of competitiveness on the market and a strategic innovation.


The company was founded from scratch in 2008 and since then we have invested a substantial portion of our revenue in research and development, using and re-combining powerful core technologies for the development of various applications, vertical and extremely innovative.

Our Products

Our latest technology:

Sideslip angle estimator (SSE)